Ann Tenbrunsel

David E. Gallo Professor of Business Ethics

Ann Tenbrunsel

When I was looking at faculty positions, one of the many reasons that Notre Dame was attractive was because its emphasis on values and integrity was a perfect fit with my research, which focuses on behavioral ethics in the business world.

I believe that understanding and addressing the reasons why individuals sometimes act undesirably when negotiating ethical dilemmas is just as important as identifying what strategies will improve a firm’s bottom line. At Notre Dame, I don't have to “sell” this approach or argue for its legitimacy; rather, it is embraced as a concept fundamental to our mission.

One only need look at the number of faculty, centers, institutes, and conferences examining ethical issues to get an idea of the extent to which scholarly research on this topic is embedded here. I have been incredibly blessed to have amazing support from colleagues, trustees, donors, and alumni, support that has enriched my research agenda in ways that I could not have imagined.

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