Duncan Stroik

Professor of Architecture

Duncan Stroik

For 25 years, the Notre Dame School of Architecture has been at the forefront of the revival of classical architecture and traditional urbanism in the United States. It is now one of the preeminent places in the world where architects can research the timeless principles of how to make cities and buildings, test those ideas out in the classroom, and debate their results in a liberal arts setting.

I believe it is essential to teach our students these time-tested techniques and values, which are often lost in contemporary architectural education. That is why I engage with the masters of the field—both by bringing in leading professionals and scholars to Notre Dame, and by traveling with students to study great buildings around the world, especially in Rome.

The classical curriculum is inspired by Notre Dame’s Catholic identity; indeed, as a Catholic university, Notre Dame is the ideal place for a classical school of architecture. Like Catholicism, classical architecture seeks the good, true, and beautiful; builds on tradition; and is concerned with human dignity. This consistency of philosophy across fields of study sets Notre Dame apart.

My professional and academic interests, at the intersection of architecture and theology, put me in contact with talented engineers, artists, entrepreneurs, academics, and theologians who assist and inspire me. I know that my work is better because of my time at the University of Notre Dame.

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