Huili (Grace) Xing

Professor of Electrical Engineering

Huili (Grace) Xing

My scholarly interests center on electronic nanomaterials and the various devices those materials make possible. Two classes we focus on in my research group are the gallium nitride family and two-dimensional crystals.

Over the past decade, gallium nitride-based semiconductors have directly led to the lasers that read Blu-ray Discs and energy-saving LED lights. One of our current projects is to develop gallium nitride components to make power delivery hardware more efficient and robust.

Among other applications, two-dimensional crystals have the potential to help unlock the terahertz range of the electromagnetic spectrum, whose waves lie between microwave and optical frequencies. In fact, my colleagues and I recently discovered that atomically thin layers of one such crystal (graphene) can allow for vastly improved manipulation of terahertz waves; this finding could significantly enhance communications technology, medical imaging, and chemical detection.

Our work on these projects would not be possible without generous support from the Department of Defense, the National Science Foundation, and the Nanoelectronics Research Initiative, not to mention Notre Dame itself, which does a great job positioning faculty to acquire the research funding we need. However, what I value most about the University is that I am at a top-tier institution that still manages to foster a friendly, family-like environment, welcoming students, employees, and visitors alike.

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