Assistant Provosts

Elly Brenner

Assistant Provost for Academic Advising

Elly Brenner is assistant provost for academic advising. In this role, she directs Notre Dame’s Center for University Advising, providing centralized leadership for the University’s various undergraduate academic advising services. These include programs designed specifically for first-year students as well as major-based advising in the colleges and schools.


Warren Von Eschenbach

Associate Vice President and Assistant Provost for Internationalization

Warren J. von Eschenbach is associate vice president and assistant provost for internationalization within Notre Dame International. He supports the vice president and associate provost for internationalization in developing and implementing an academic strategic plan and vision for internationalizing the University and promoting global education.


Ann Tenbrunsel

Senior Assistant Provost for Internationalization

Ann E. Tenbrunsel is senior assistant provost for internationalization, advising the vice president and associate provost for internationalization on matters of international academic research and the promotion of international efforts to grow both undergraduate and graduate programs.


Jonathan Noble

Assistant Provost for Internationalization

Jonathan S. Noble is assistant provost for internationalization within Notre Dame International. His duties include leading the office’s Global Engagement and Faculty Partnership Team and overseeing its faculty research and collaboration grant program.