Among life’s simpler pleasures, there may be nothing better than having brunch or grabbing coffee with one of the most interesting people you know.

cover art for With a Side of Knowledge podcast, featuring a plated Notre Dame waffle in the background behind the show's name and two dialogue bubbles in the foreground

With a Side of Knowledge is a podcast created with just that thought in mind.

Giving you the chance to get to know a fascinating scholar, maker, or professional, episodes typically feature a member of the Notre Dame faculty or a visitor from elsewhere who has come to campus to do anything from give a lecture or performance to participate in a fellowship program.

True to the show’s name and brunch-loving ethos, we record onsite at a restaurant—ambient noise and all. Well, that was the idea, anyway.

The pandemic prompted us to record all of season 4 remotely. Now, with season 5, we’re excited to be able to bring back in-person interviews while still taking advantage of the flexibility afforded by our remote setup.

Either way, the goal is the same: To bring you informal conversations on a variety of subjects, with all manner of experts, and to do so in a way that respects your time. That’s why each episode is about 30 minutes long. 

With a Side of Knowledge is a production of the Office of the Provost at Notre Dame, with new episodes released every other Thursday.

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