Ad Hoc Committee on Latin America & the Caribbean

The Ad Hoc Committee on Latin America & the Caribbean was asked to consider the merits of a region-specific approach to strategic academic planning and the direction that such planning should take. This process involved a survey of existing academic activity, an assessment of areas of topical relevance in future decades, and an evaluation of relevant disciplinary and interdisciplinary areas for targeted investment. The focus of the committee was therefore on strategic academic planning in relation to Latin America, but the scale of such a potential commitment also led to consideration of the entire University’s commitment to the region in terms of admissions, alumni development, fundraising capacity, and so on.

As it pursued this project, the committee explored both areas of traditional strength for Notre Dame related to Latin America, such as the social sciences and humanities, as well as new opportunities in fields such as law, business, engineering, global health, and science. Read full charge (111 kb PDF)