Task Force on Africa

The focus of this task force was to conduct a comprehensive assessment of how Notre Dame was already engaged with Africa, through scholarship and research here on campus as well as through initiatives undertaken abroad, and then to recommend whether—and if so, how—the University should promote greater engagement with Africa moving forward. Read full charge (49.4 kb PDF)


Name Affiliation Phone Email
Lawrence Sullivan (Chair) Theology 631-6418 lsulliv3@nd.edu
Nora Besansky Biological Sciences 631-9321 nbesansk@nd.edu
Philip Bess Architecture 631-7739 Philip.H.Bess.2@nd.edu
Rev. Robert Dowd, C.S.C. Political Science 631-4454 Robert.A.Dowd.9@nd.edu
Frank Incropera Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering 631-3095 Frank.Incropera.1@nd.edu
Julliet Mayinja International Studies 631-5882 Julliet.N.Mayinja.1@nd.edu
Rev. Paulinus Odozor, C.S.Sp. Theology 631-6583 Paulinus.I.Odozor.1@nd.edu
Richard Pierce Africana Studies and History 631-5666 rpierce@nd.edu
Don Pope-Davis, Vice President and Associate Provost Psychology 631-5716 Donald.B.Pope-Davis.1@nd.edu
Stephen Silliman Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences 631-5332 Stephen.E.Silliman.1@nd.edu
Rev. Oliver Williams, C.S.C. Management 631-5761 Oliver.F.Williams.80@nd.edu