All-Faculty Team

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Notre Dame has a long history of outstanding student-athletes being named to All-American teams. We thought it was time for some of our most outstanding professors to receive similar recognition.

Enter the Notre Dame All-Faculty Team.

At every home football game, the provost will honor a different member of the faculty on the field during a timeout. These seven individuals have been chosen from across Notre Dame’s colleges and schools for their excellence in research, teaching, and service to the University.

Information about each member of the All-Faculty Team will be added to this page shortly before the game at which she or he is being honored. We hope you’ll come back throughout the season to learn more about these truly exceptional scholars.

Meet the 2018 Notre Dame All-Faculty Team


Rick Mendenhall

Rick Mendenhall

William and Cassie Daley Professor of Finance,
Chair of the Department of Finance

“For more than three decades, Notre Dame has provided me with a caring and supportive environment where I have had the privilege to work with students, faculty, and staff who are talented, energetic, and passionate. At Notre Dame, the expectation is to strive for excellence, and the emphasis is always to improve social welfare. I don’t know of any other place where I could have enjoyed the career I’ve had here.”

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Ted Beatty

Ted Beatty

Professor of History,
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the Keough School of Global Affairs

“I did not know where Notre Dame was when I applied for a job here 18 years ago. Today, I am still discovering new depths to Notre Dame’s character. It has been a great privilege to teach at a university that cares so deeply about students’ intellectual and personal growth; to pursue research amid always inspiring communities of historians and other scholars; and to contribute in small ways to building new programs, and new possibilities."

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Michael Wiescher

Michael Wiescher

Frank M. Freimann Professor of Physics,
Director of Notre Dame’s Nuclear Science Laboratory

“Notre Dame has afforded me the opportunity, the resources, and most of all the flexibility to build a world-renowned research program in nuclear astrophysics. Our Nuclear Science Laboratory is one of the best of its kind, providing researchers from the U.S. to Asia, from Europe to South America, with a scientific home. This would not have happened without the University’s support.”

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Lloyd Hitoshi Mayer

Lloyd Mayer

Professor of Law

“Notre Dame is extraordinary in its ability to combine academic excellence in teaching and research with serious and thoughtful consideration of what it means to promote the greater good in our studies, careers, and lives. I feel blessed to be at an institution and surrounded by colleagues and students that value both these goals.”

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Krupali Uplekar Krusche

Krupali Krusche

Associate Professor of Architecture,
Director of the DHARMA Lab,
Associate Dean for Research, Scholarship, and Creative Work in the School of Architecture

“The School of Architecture at the University of Notre Dame promotes within you and the community that surrounds you an abiding commitment to ethics and education. We ground ourselves in the know-how that comes when great new technological advances are paired with centuries-old concepts in building design. These principles form the central core of the work we do in the renowned DHARMA Lab, leading to the discovery of new knowledge and calling us all, students and faculty alike, to a high standard in a world that needs stability and strong roots for future success.”

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Game 6 Honoree

To be announced for the Nov. 10 game vs. Florida State

Game 7 Honoree

To be announced for the Nov. 17 game vs. Syracuse (Shamrock Series at Yankee Stadium)