Ken Kelley

Ken Kelley

2019 All-Faculty Team Honoree

Edward Frederick Sorin Society Professor of IT, Analytics, and Operations

Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Research in the Mendoza College of Business

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Professor Kelley on Notre Dame

“After falling in love with the campus when I interviewed for graduate school, and then falling in love with the University as a student, I consider it a special privilege to serve as a Mendoza College of Business faculty member at Notre Dame. 

“I teach statistical methods and analytics to business students—many of whom share my awe at what Notre Dame is and what it hopes to be, where we aim for excellence in all that we do. I am continually inspired by the vision of Notre Dame’s founder, Fr. Edward Sorin, for the University to be ‘a powerful force for good.’ At Mendoza, we aim to fulfill this mission by framing our efforts around the charge, ‘Ask More of Business, Ask More of Yourself,’ with business viewed as a vehicle to affect positive change in the world.”


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