Krupali Uplekar Krusche

Krupali Uplekar Krusche

2018 All-Faculty Team Honoree

Associate Professor of Architecture

Director of the DHARMA Lab

Associate Dean for Research, Scholarship, and Creative Work in the School of Architecture

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Professor Krusche on Notre Dame

“The School of Architecture at the University of Notre Dame promotes within you and the community that surrounds you an abiding commitment to ethics and education. We ground ourselves in the know-how that comes when great new technological advances are paired with centuries-old concepts in building design. These principles form the central core of the work we do in the renowned DHARMA Lab, leading to the discovery of new knowledge and calling us all, students and faculty alike, to a high standard in a world that needs stability and strong roots for future success.”

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Krupali Krusche Feature From the Gameday Program
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