Jean Porter

Rev. John A. O’Brien Professor of Theology

Jean Porter

When I was invited to apply for a position in the theology department at Notre Dame over 20 years ago, I did so because of the University’s reputation as a good place to teach and study academic theology, especially from a Catholic perspective. I was fortunate enough to be offered the job, and I have enjoyed many good years here.

The University supports open, ecumenical theological inquiry, an attitude that is essential to my research recovering and analyzing the moral reflection of Saint Thomas Aquinas and other seminal Catholic figures whose writings have influenced centuries of thought. This work is enhanced because I am surrounded by first-rate colleagues while also having the chance to work with outstanding undergraduate and graduate students.

Beyond that, Notre Dame offers many opportunities for interdisciplinary conversations, conferences, and ongoing research projects, drawing on scholars from around the world. This is a vibrant university with a distinctive academic profile, and we can look forward to a promising future.

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