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    Nominations for the Dockweiler and Joyce Awards as well as several other annual awards are being accepted now through Monday, Feb. 27.

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    Research, Graduate Studies, and Postdoctoral TrainingResearch

    Since its earliest days, the University has been guided by a bold vision for scholarship and discovery.

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    Catholic CharacterCatholic Character

    Notre Dame's Catholic identity is one of its greatest assets, thanks in no small part to the dialogue it inspires.

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    Undergraduate EducationUndergraduate Education

    Dedication to the undergraduate student is and always will be at the core of Notre Dame’s academic mission.

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    The University thrives as a scholarly community precisely because it embraces the individual perspectives of faculty and students.

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Featured Faculty

Patrick Murphy

Professor of Marketing

Patrick Murphy

“My association with Notre Dame spans half a century; little did I know when I first came here as an undergraduate student off the family farm in Illinois that this would be the case.”

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Jennifer Tank

Galla Professor of Biological Sciences, Director of the Notre Dame Environmental Change Initiative

Jennifer Tank

“As important as sound science is to conservation, strong relationships are also invaluable. The trust that Notre Dame has built, through the Environmental Change Initiative, with Indiana farmers, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the Nature Conservancy has been essential to our research.”

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Harindra Joseph Fernando

Wayne and Diana Murdy Family Professor of Engineering

Harindra Joseph Fernando

“The tireless work of my environmental fluid dynamics colleagues has transformed Notre Dame into a powerhouse of research in this area. … To be a part of the growth of Our Lady’s University is the best opportunity that I have ever received in my lifetime.”

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Ebrahim Moosa

Professor of Islamic Studies

Ebrahim Moosa

“I was drawn to Notre Dame because of the ambitious possibilities here to change the conversation about religion in the world today. Few academic institutions facilitate an effortless dialogue between theology and politics, religion and society, as well as Notre Dame does.”

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Amy Coney Barrett

Diane and M.O. Miller II Research Professor of Law, Professor of Law

Amy Barrett

“I draw on the Constitution’s text, structure, and history to determine optimal constraints on the power of government entities, particularly in the face of modern governing challenges. … The Law School’s Program on Constitutional Structure has proven indispensable to my work.”

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Agustín Fuentes

Professor and Department Chair of Anthropology

Agustín Fuentes

“Here, we are encouraged to take the knowledge generated by research into the classroom and out into the world. … The opportunity to ask difficult questions and unpack the complicated, challenging, and sometimes politically charged answers is what makes me love Notre Dame.”

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College of Arts and Letters

The oldest and largest college at Notre Dame, Arts and Letters is home to 20 departments that span three divisions—the arts, humanities, and social sciences—and include the University’s flagship programs in theology and philosophy.

Mendoza College of Business

Highly visible both nationally and internationally, Mendoza is particularly noted for its commitment to ethics, challenging students in accountancy, finance, management, and marketing to “Ask more of business.”

College of Engineering

When Notre Dame founded an engineering college in 1873, it became the first American Catholic university to do so. In addition to its educational mission, the College pursues transformational research in areas such as energy, bioengineering, environmental science, and national security.

College of Science

Scholarship in the University’s College of Science is devoted to fostering advancements that address the world’s most enduring problems, giving rise to everything from institutes for global health and cancer research to an environmental change initiative.

The Law School

The Notre Dame Law School opened its doors in 1869, making it the oldest Catholic law school in the country. Its work bridges centuries of Catholic intellectual and moral tradition, the historic methods and principles of the common law, and the realities of the contemporary legal environment.

School of Architecture

As it did in law and engineering, Notre Dame became the nation’s first Catholic university to establish an architecture program (1898). Today’s School of Architecture, which emphasizes traditional and classical design, is a leader in the modern green movement.

Keough School of Global Affairs

Opening its doors to students in August 2017, the Keough School of Global Affairs will prepare them for effective and ethically grounded leadership in government, the private sector, and global civil society.

The First Year of Studies

FYS serves as the college for all incoming undergraduates, regardless of what they intend to study. Full-time, professional academic advisers support the students as they complete the First-Year Curriculum and prepare to enter their majors.

The Graduate School

While advanced degrees in architecture, business, and law are administered separately by their respective units, The Graduate School articulates broad policies and procedures for the post-baccalaureate programs in engineering, the humanities, the sciences, and the social sciences.

Institutes and Centers

In addition to eight colleges and schools and 35 academic departments, Notre Dame faculty animate the activities of approximately 50 University institutes and centers.


Most of the major libraries and collections on campus fall under the auspices of the Hesburgh Libraries system, which contains more than 3.3 million volumes and some 3 million microform units.


Consonant with the vision that Notre Dame be a preeminent research university distinguished by its Catholic character, significant resources have been dedicated to advancing faculty research, scholarship, and creative expression.

Innovation Park

A commercial accelerator, Innovation Park at Notre Dame supports the University’s research mission by helping transform innovations into ventures ready to enter the marketplace.

ND International

Notre Dame can be considered a truly international university thanks to the composition of its faculty and student body, the scope of its research agenda, and its commitment to study abroad, which consistently yields one of the highest undergraduate participation rates among peer institutions.