Summit to explore the future of liberal education in the digital age

Author: Sue Lister

On Oct. 28, a group of university leaders will gather at Notre Dame to consider the future of higher education and its principles and goals in an increasingly digital age. The summit is supported by the Office of the President and the Office of the Provost. Read More

Notre Dame welcomes new faculty

Author: Provost Office

With the start of the 2016–17 academic year, the University was pleased to welcome more than 100 new members to its faculty. Read More

Notre Dame researchers to lead new computing paradigm effort

Author: William G. Gilroy

Notre Dame researchers will lead a new National Science Foundation- and Semiconductor Research Corp.-funded effort to develop a new area of computing titled “Extremely Energy Efficient Collective Electronics” (EXCEL). The NSF-SRC has awarded the researchers a $4.5 million grant to fund the project over three years. Read More

Sophomore Prathm Juneja gains insights into civic discourse at College Debate 2016

Author: William G. Gilroy

Many Americans have expressed their displeasure at the ugly tone of this year’s unusual presidential election. Prathm Juneja, a Notre Dame sophomore studying political science and computer science, and his peers have been working to counteract this tone by encouraging civic discourse at their universities. Read More

First-ever national catalog of protest data gives researchers more complete picture of events

Author: Brittany Collins Kaufman

Protests and demonstrations are an integral part of democracy, especially during election years. Historically, the best way to collect protest-event data has been to scour newspaper reports. Now, researchers at Notre Dame have created the first-ever nationally representative sample of protest events, giving researchers the opportunity to draw from a more complete picture of demonstrations around the country. Read More

Notre Dame researchers to lead NSF Dimensions of Biodiversity study

Author: William G. Gilroy

Notre Dame biologist Jeffrey Feder will lead a team of researchers funded by a new $2 million grant from the Dimensions of Biodiversity program of the National Science Foundation (NSF) to examine how when one insect shifts its season it allows others to follow and generates new biodiversity. Read More

1916 The Irish Rebellion awarded “Best Documentary Series”

Author: Mary Hendriksen

1916 The Irish Rebellion was awarded “Best Documentary Series” at the 2016 Irish Film and Television Academy’s gala awards ceremony, held October 7 in Dublin. The documentary and events associated with it are an initiative of the Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies at Notre Dame. Read More