Class of 2020: Academic achievers dedicated to service and leadership and uniquely suited to Notre Dame

Author: William G. Gilroy

Notre Dame’s Class of 2020 that arrived on campus this week is marked by a record of academic achievement and a passionate commitment to service and leadership. The average incoming first-year Notre Dame student is in the top 1 percent in the nation in academic high school performance and/or national testing. More globally representative and diverse than any previous incoming class, 34 percent of the Class of 2020 are students of color or international citizens. Read More

Notre Dame to dedicate new center in Connemara, Ireland

Author: Michael O. Garvey

The new Notre Dame Center at Kylemore Abbey in Connemara, County Galway, Ireland, will be dedicated on Aug. 25 with a Mass in the abbey’s Gothic Chapel, an academic convocation and a blessing of the center’s headquarters in Kylemore’s Saint Joseph Hall. Read More

Uncovering a new pathway to halting metastasis

Author: William G. Gilroy

Metastasis, the process by which cancer cells leave the primary tumor and spread to other sites in the body, is responsible for more than 90 percent of cancer deaths. Thus, there is a significant need to improve the therapeutic options for patients who suffer from metastatic disease. New research from the laboratory of Notre Dame’s Zachary T. Schafer could lead to these new therapies. Read More

Reinterpreting the fossil record on jaws

Author: William G. Gilroy

Scientists use the fossil record to make judgments on the physiology and behavior of species. But are those interpretations correct? New research from a team led by Notre Dame’s Matthew Ravosa puts into question how we interpret the behavior of extinct organisms from their fossil remains, and the greater role of plasticity—or the adaptive fine-tuning of the link between anatomy and behavior—in determining evolution diversity. Read More

Emergency financial aid from call centers effectively prevents homelessness

Author: Brittany Collins Kaufman

Nearly every major U.S. city offers a hotline for people facing homelessness to call in order to request emergency financial assistance. In a new study published in the journal Science, a team led by James Sullivan and William Evans, co-founders of Notre Dame’s Wilson-Sheehan Lab for Economic Opportunities, found that these hotlines have a considerable effect on people facing homelessness, and that emergency financial assistance successfully prevents homelessness—if funding is available. Read More

Notre Dame’s Medieval Institute names Thomas E. Burman as new director

Author: Josh Weinhold

Thomas E. Burman, an esteemed scholar of medieval Christianity and Islam, has been named the Robert Conway Director of Notre Dame’s Medieval Institute. Burman, currently a professor of history at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, will begin his new role in January. Read More

Master of Global Affairs degree now available from Notre Dame’s new Keough School of Global Affairs

Author: Joan Fallon

Notre Dame’s new Donald R. Keough School of Global Affairs announces the opening of applications for its inaugural academic program, the two-year professional Master of Global Affairs. The program is designed to prepare new generations of leaders and agents of change in governments, nongovernmental and civil society organizations, and the private sector. Read More