Campus Crossroads construction to begin in November

Author: Dennis Brown

Construction on Campus Crossroads, a $400 million project that will use Notre Dame’s iconic football stadium as a hub for new facilities supporting academic and student life initiatives, will begin in November, after the final home game of the season. Read More

Notre Dame E2E group develops novel housing solution for Haiti

Author: William G. Gilroy

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The attention and concern of the world was focused on Haiti following its Jan. 12, 2010, earthquake. As is often the case, as time went on, the focus on Haiti became less intense. However, the plight of Haitians has remained a driving concern for a group of Notre Dame engineering professors and students. Read More

Astronomers discover chemical signature of first-generation very massive stars

Author: Gene Stowe

A team of international astronomers—including Timothy Beers, the Notre Dame Chair in Astrophysics—has discovered a low-mass star that exhibits the peculiar chemical abundance ratios associated with the process of creating new atomic nuclei (nucleosynthesis) in a first-generation very-massive star. Read More

Study shows Asian carp could establish in Lake Erie with little effect to fishery

Author: William G. Gilroy

If bighead and silver carp were to establish in Lake Erie, local fish biomass is not likely to change beyond observations recorded in the last three decades, according to a study published in the journal Conservation Biology by a group of scientists from the University of Notre Dame, Resources for the Future, U.S. Forest Service, University of Michigan and the NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Laboratory. Read More

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