Graduate students talk in the Byzantine Reading Room of the Hesburgh Library

Notre Dame’s commitment to diversity represents our belief that to be a great university, we must gather together faculty and students who not only come from diverse backgrounds but who also bring varied approaches to their scholarship and learning.

The Office of the President, the Office of the Provost, the deans, and the faculty attend to the continued development of this goal in part through the work of the President’s Oversight Committee on Diversity and Inclusion and the University Committee on Women Faculty and Students.

Providing recommendations to the president, the two committees explore ways for Notre Dame to more fully realize the ideals articulated in its mission. Among other initiatives, this has led to an updated University Diversity Statement, which can be found at diversity.nd.edu along with additional resources.

The most important thing about Notre Dame is that it has a very welcoming environment; it reaches out to various people from different communities. But it also prides itself as reaching out to individuals with different ideas, different values.

—Darren Davis, Director of the Center for Social Research and Professor of Political Science

Faculty Profiles

Jennifer Tank

Galla Professor of Biological Sciences, Director of the Notre Dame Environmental Change Initiative

Jennifer Tank

“As important as sound science is to conservation, strong relationships are also invaluable. The trust that Notre Dame has built, through the Environmental Change Initiative, with Indiana farmers, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the Nature Conservancy has been essential to our research.”

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Harindra Joseph Fernando

Wayne and Diana Murdy Family Professor of Engineering

Harindra Joseph Fernando

“The tireless work of my environmental fluid dynamics colleagues has transformed Notre Dame into a powerhouse of research in this area. … To be a part of the growth of Our Lady’s University is the best opportunity that I have ever received in my lifetime.”

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Ebrahim Moosa

Professor of Islamic Studies

Ebrahim Moosa

“I was drawn to Notre Dame because of the ambitious possibilities here to change the conversation about religion in the world today. Few academic institutions facilitate an effortless dialogue between theology and politics, religion and society, as well as Notre Dame does.”

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Amy Coney Barrett

Diane and M.O. Miller II Research Professor of Law, Professor of Law

Amy Barrett

“I draw on the Constitution’s text, structure, and history to determine optimal constraints on the power of government entities, particularly in the face of modern governing challenges. … The Law School’s Program on Constitutional Structure has proven indispensable to my work.”

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