Language and Learning: Celebrating 10 years of a unique educational collaboration

Author: Brendan O'Shaughnessy

Language And Learning

A dynamic partnership between the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, the Center for Social Concerns and local Latino community organizations has flourished since it began with a single class in 2010.

Faculty member Marisel Moreno first brought her Spanish majors to work with Latino children at La Casa de Amistad, a youth and community center in South Bend. That same year, Rachel Parroquin was hired to nourish the seed of what’s known as community-based learning (CBL).

CBL classes focus on community engagement, prompting Notre Dame students to interact and learn their subject by doing hands-on projects in the community. The Center for Social Concerns has deep ties to a wide range of community organizations and has promoted community-engaged classes across different departments, growing its list to more than 200 through relationship building and training workshops.

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Originally published by Brendan O'Shaughnessy at on July 26, 2021.