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John T. McGreevy

The University of Notre Dame must be the leading global Catholic research university, on par with but distinct from the world's best private research universities. This effort to educate students and conduct research at the highest level animated by a shared Catholic mission is one of the most exciting and consequential experiments in global higher education.

As provost, John T. McGreevy is Notre Dame’s chief academic officer and is responsible for the stewardship of this mission, serving as the principal representative of the academy to both internal and external constituencies and leading strategic academic initiatives on behalf of the University. Working with the associate provosts, the vice president for research, the deans, the University librarian, and other academic leaders, he seeks to cultivate a learning community that challenges and engages students, inspires leading research and scholarship, and appreciates all intellectual inquiry as a pursuit of truth.

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A Strategic Framework

Notre Dame must be the leading global Catholic research university, on par with but distinct from the world’s best private universities.

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Academic Community

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Research, Graduate Studies, and Postdoctoral Training

Since its earliest days, the University has been guided by a bold vision for scholarship and discovery.

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Undergraduate Education

Dedication to the undergraduate student is and always will be at the core of Notre Dame’s academic mission.

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Catholic Character

Notre Dame's Catholic identity is one of its greatest assets, thanks in no small part to the dialogue it inspires.

MLK Observance


The University thrives as a scholarly community precisely because it embraces the individual perspectives of faculty and students.

All-Faculty Team

All-Faculty teams

Barry McCrea

Keough Family Chair of Irish Studies,
Professor of Comparative Literature

"Literature and culture do not stop short at political or linguistic borders, but travel through their own, transnational channels. What brought me to Notre Dame and has made it a uniquely fulfilling place for me to work is the meaningful connections it has with the rest of the world, perhaps especially with Ireland. It is a privilege to teach Notre Dame students on both sides of the Atlantic and see how the study of literature enables them to grow and develop in ways which will continue to bear fruit for long after they graduate."

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Faculty Positions

For open faculty positions, please visit the Faculty Positions website.

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If you are interested in a postdoctoral position, you can find more listings on the Office for Postdoctoral Scholars website.

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