A standing body chaired by the president, Notre Dame’s Academic Council is composed of the University’s officers, the deans of the colleges and schools, faculty elected by their peers, and student representatives.

The council’s duties include determining the general academic policies and regulations of the University and providing for review, amendment, and final interpretation of Notre Dame’s Academic Articles. Given the breadth of its responsibilities, not to mention its large size, the council is better suited to review, debate, and potentially adopt proposals rather than shoulder the responsibility for initiating and researching them.

In part because of this, the provost from time to time establishes committees to explore issues of relevance to the academy. These groups, though not necessarily permanent in nature, do meet on a regular basis, offering interested faculty an opportunity to engage in sustained and reflective dialogue about a wide variety of topics.

Committees convened on an ad hoc basis typically produce a final report. While this does not mean all of their recommendations will ultimately be implemented, the Office of the Provost is committed to informing the broader faculty of their activities and providing an easily accessible archive of their findings.

The listing on the left will direct you to more information about permanent and current committees associated with the provost’s office as well as those that have finished their work.