All-Faculty Team


Notre Dame has a long history of outstanding student-athletes being named to All-America teams. We thought it was time for some of our most outstanding professors to receive similar recognition.

Enter the Notre Dame All-Faculty Team.

At home football games and during the Shamrock Series, the provost will honor a different member of the faculty. These individuals have been chosen from across the University for their excellence in research, teaching, and service to Notre Dame.

Information about each member of the All-Faculty Team will be added to this page shortly before the game at which she or he is being honored. We hope you’ll come back throughout the season to learn more about these truly exceptional scholars.

Meet the 2023 All-Faculty Team

  • Barry McCrea

    Keough Family Chair of Irish Studies,
    Professor of Comparative Literature

    Aug 26 vs. Navy

    "Literature and culture do not stop short at political or linguistic borders, but travel through their own, transnational channels. What brought me to Notre Dame and has made it a uniquely fulfilling place for me to work is the meaningful connections it has with the rest of the world, perhaps especially with Ireland. It is a privilege to teach Notre Dame students on both sides of the Atlantic and see how the study of literature enables them to grow and develop in ways which will continue to bear fruit for long after they graduate."

    Barry McCrea

  • Ron Metoyer

    Professor of Computer Science and Engineering,
    Vice President and Associate Provost for Teaching and Learning

    Sep 02 vs. Tennessee State

    "The design of computing technology cannot take place in a vacuum, but rather requires deep engagement with potential users of that technology. This is particularly important when designing for and with marginalized communities. What better place is there than Notre Dame to work in the margins with incredible colleagues and amazing students."

    Ron Metoyer

  • Rob Easley

    Professor and John W. Berry, Sr., Chair of the Department of Information Technology, Analytics, and Operations

    Sep 16 vs. Central Michigan

    “Society faces huge challenges concerning the potential misuse of Artificial Intelligence, the presence of bias in data sets used to train algorithms, and the lack of transparency about how those algorithms function. It is critical that we train students at all levels to engage with the ethical and moral considerations that should guide the use of big data. As the founding chair of the ITAO department, I have worked with my faculty to distinguish our programs by clearly addressing the many ethical issues that arise in learning from large data sets.”

    Rob Easley

  • Christina Wolbrecht

    Professor of Political Science,
    C. Robert and Margaret Hanley Family Director of the Notre Dame Washington Program

    Sep 23 vs. Ohio State

    “These are challenging times for democracy, both here at home and around the world. Notre Dame is rising to this challenge by investing in research and teaching that seeks to understand and address threats to free and fair elections, civil rights and liberties, and a flourishing public sphere. It is both intellectually exciting and personally meaningful to contribute to these efforts to advance the study of democracy.” 

    Christina Wolbrecht

  • Claudia Polini

    Glynn Family Honors Collegiate Professor of Mathematics,
    Director of the Center for Mathematics at Notre Dame

    Oct 14 vs. USC

    "Working at the University of Notre Dame has been a transformative experience for me. Not only have the University and my colleagues in the mathematics department always supported my career and my research, but they have also shared my mission to bring mathematics to a broader community and advance women in mathematics."

    Claudia Polini

  • Jennifer Parker

    Associate Librarian, Architecture

    Oct 28 vs. Pittsburgh

    “The architecture library supports the students and faculty of the School of Architecture as they strive to build a more equitable and sustainable urban environment. It’s been a privilege to partner in these endeavors for the past 15 years and to witness our students’ success as they enter the field.”

    Jennifer Parker

  • Tracy Kijewski-Correa

    Professor of Civil Engineering and Global Affairs,
    Director of the Pulte Institute for Global Development

    Nov 18 vs. Wake Forest

    “Drawing on the diverse disciplines and perspectives, as well as local knowledge, is the only way to ensure that our solutions to the complex challenges facing our world benefit the most vulnerable rather than a select, fortunate few. Any problem worth fighting for needs an army — it’s time to build that army together.”

    Tracy Kijewski-Correa