With a Side of Knowledge podcast features University of Michigan physician Dan Hinshaw

Author: Ted Fox

With a Side of Knowledge cover art, featuring the show's title over a Notre Dame monogram waffle

With a Side of Knowledge is a podcast produced by the Office of the Provost at the University of Notre Dame. It brings listeners informal interviews with fascinating scholars and professionals from both Notre Dame and elsewhere that take place over brunch.

The seventh episode of season two, “On Hercules, Healthcare, and Our Common Finitude,” was released Thursday, Jan. 24, and features Dan Hinshaw, professor emeritus of surgery at the University of Michigan and a consultant in palliative medicine at the University of Michigan Geriatrics Center.

The author or coauthor of some 80 papers in peer-reviewed journals and publications, Hinshaw has also written two books, Touch and the Healing of the World and Suffering and the Nature of Healing, both published by St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press. He spent the fall 2018 semester in residence at Notre Dame’s Institute for Advanced Study.

Hinshaw talked with host Ted Fox about the project he undertook while at Notre Dame. Titled “Kenosis and the Mystery of Life,” it examines how thoughtful engagement with the reality that none of us will live forever has the potential to help us find meaning in our own lives as well as transform the way we see each other, the aging process, and the delivery of healthcare. Hinshaw also explained just what is meant by the concept of “kenosis,” a term with theological roots, and how it can apply to everyone, regardless of faith background.

You can visit provost.nd.edu/podcast to learn more about the podcast, which is available through iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, and Stitcher or by searching “With a Side of Knowledge” in your favorite podcast app.

You can also listen to the episode with Hinshaw using the player below.