Madhav R. Joshi

Research Professor in the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies
Associate Director of the Peace Accords Matrix

“The University of Notre Dame has offered a supportive environment where I have the opportunity to work with students, staff, faculty, and a wide network of peacebuilders and practitioners who strive for social justice and care about humanity. I feel proud to be a part of Notre Dame.

“As part of Notre Dame’s Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, I am a member of a team leading world-renowned research initiatives focusing on how peace agreements meant to end civil wars are designed and how to advance peace agreement implementation. The research brings insights useful for policymakers and peacebuilding practitioners involved in resolving armed conflict and finding ways to achieve lasting and quality peace. Notre Dame’s concern for the common good and the goal of extending and deepening its global impact motivate me to pursue my research goals.”

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