Veronica Root Martinez

Professor of Law
Robert & Marion Short Scholar
Director of the Law School’s Program on Ethics, Compliance, & Inclusion

“All organizations—big, small, public, or private—need to figure out how to get their employees or members to act in particular ways. My research attempts to encourage organizations to create cultures where folks behave ethically, comply with legal and regulatory requirements, and embrace diversity and inclusion efforts.

“Sometimes I look at external incentives that might pressure an organization and its members to do something. For example, the government might adopt policies that sanction an organization if its employees engage in illegal behavior. Or investors might pressure an organization to improve its internal demographic diversity. At other times, I focus on internal policies a company can adopt to promote certain types of behavior.

“The reality is that the creation of a positive organizational culture is a really complicated goal to achieve, particularly at big, complex organizations with lots of different divisions and departments. The University of Notre Dame has been an amazing place to be a professor, in part, because its Catholic mission embraces the importance of the dignity of work for all persons.

“More than anything, my hope is that my research and teaching will help to create ethical, compliant, and inclusive organizations where every member can thrive and succeed. Notre Dame has fully supported me in this work, for which I am humbled and grateful.”

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