Rob Easley

Professor and John W. Berry, Sr., Chair of the Department of Information Technology, Analytics, and Operations

“Society faces huge challenges concerning the potential misuse of Artificial Intelligence, the presence of bias in data sets used to train algorithms, and the lack of transparency about how those algorithms function. It is critical that we train students at all levels to engage with the ethical and moral considerations that should guide the use of big data. As the founding chair of the ITAO department, I have worked with my faculty to distinguish our programs by clearly addressing the many ethical issues that arise in learning from large data sets.

“From its launch in 2016, our undergraduate Business Analytics major has been a top 10 major on campus; we’re very proud of our expanding alumni base of data analysts, and the positive impact they have on the world. We are a rapidly growing department — it’s been a joy to bring in excellent faculty and to build on that strong foundation, for example by recently launching a Ph.D. program in Analytics to train future scholars. We have also grown our Master's in Business Analytics programs, recently adding a concentration in Sports Analytics, in cooperation with Notre Dame’s Athletics programs, which provides an opportunity for graduate student-athletes and others interested in this exciting field.

“I’ve been at Notre Dame my entire academic career, since the pre-Internet 90’s. I was an early mover in researching internet auctions and then later, network neutrality. My more recent work has focused on ticket pricing for major events, which faces evolving challenges in managing revenue while keeping fans happy.”

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