Dockweiler Award

The Dockweiler Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Advising recognizes three full-time faculty or exempt staff who demonstrate a sustained commitment to undergraduates through outstanding mentoring, academic advising, or career counseling. The award aims to demonstrate the valued role such assistance plays in helping students reach their academic and professional goals.

To be eligible for the Dockweiler Award, an individual must not have received the Dockweiler Award previously and must fulfill one of the following criteria:

  • For tenured and tenure-track faculty: Is tenured and has been employed as a full-time member of Notre Dame’s tenured and tenure-track faculty for at least five years
  • For other regular faculty and exempt staff: Has consistently mentored undergraduates in research, scholarly or creative endeavors and/or has major responsibility for academic advising or career counseling of undergraduates, and has been employed as a full-time member of Notre Dame’s regular faculty or exempt staff for at least five years

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Previous Recipients

Recent Recipients

  • 2023
    Lisa Heming

  • 2023
    Maria McKenna

  • 2023
    Troy Vogel